Terms of Use
of Cookies

Terms of Use of Cookies
Version 1.01

The robots’ site, like most others, uses cookies to make looking at it and reading it more convenient and pleasant.

This Notification About the Use of Cookies is part of our Policy for the Use of Personal Data. There you can find more detailed information about how we protect the data of visitors to our site.

In order for you to be able to find everything you were looking for on Redmadrobot’s site, we need to collect and save information about how people use it. To that end, we use small text files called cookies. Cookies contain small amounts of information and are downloaded by your computer or other device from this site’s server. On every subsequent visit to the site, your browser sends the cookies back to the server. In this way, the system recognizes you and remembers your interests and preferences. You can find more info about cookies and how they work here:  http://www.aboutcookies.org.

When you visit this site, information can be collected through cookies and in other ways. By remaining on the site, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with these Terms.
Types of cookies and their purposes
Particular types of cookies are needed for you to be able to see the content of this site and use many of its functions. We use functional cookies, which save information about your actions when using our site, in order to adjust the way it works in light of humans’ preferences. This information is impersonal and isn’t used for any other purposes.

We and our service providers also use data-analysis tools that allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our content, understand what users find interesting, and improve the functioning of the site. In addition, we use web beacons and tracking pixels to count the number of visitors, as well as cookies that record the number and frequency of visits. This information is used for exclusively statistical purposes; we do not use personal data in order to identify particular users.

Cookies used to provide targeted advertising are not employed on the robots’ site.

If you need more information about the cookies used on this site, please get in touch.
Managing cookies
By using the Redmadrobot site, you agree to allow us to upload cookies to your computer or other device in accordance with the terms set out above. Nonetheless, you can delete or block cookies, which will have an effect on the interface.
Managing your browser
Most browsers allow you to see what cookies are stored on the device, delete them, and block them. Remember: when you delete cookies, all data about your preferences is lost, including your refusal to allow cookies to be used, since that involves the creation of a cookie specifying that refusal.
Managing analytic cookies
You can refuse to allow information about your activity to be recorded through analytic cookies. We work with service providers; you can find more detailed info about their confidentiality policies and set your cookie preferences for them here:

Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html
Access buttons to social networks
These buttons allow you to share links to the website and create bookmarks. Essentially, they’re links to social networks belonging to third parties that, in turn, can record information about your online activity, including what you do on this site. If you want to know how they use your data and how to delete it or deny them permission to use it, familiarize yourself with the terms of use and confidentiality policies of those sites.
Outside web services
Sometimes we use outside web services to display particular elements - videos, for instance. As with access buttons to social networks, we can’t prevent these sites’ or outside domains’ collection of data about how you use their content.
We may also use technology that allows us to track whether you’ve read, opened, or forwarded messages emailed to you by the robots. This is necessary if the robots’ messages are to be interesting to protein-based users.

If you don’t want us to know, cancel your subscription (although then we won’t be able to send you messages).

We may change or add to these Terms from time to time. When we do so, we’ll change the version date shown at the top of the change. The amended and edited Terms of Use of Cookies will be valid with respect to users and their information as of the version date indicated.