Live shopping marketplace with built-in banking services


Innovative e-commerce marketplace in a new market linked with the bank's ecosystem


Tested the hypothesis of a new digital product on the international market without development.

Launched a new digital product from scratch and coordinated cross-functional IT and operational teams during the launch phase.

Solution and Results

  • Discovered that the initial hypothesis didn't work in the target market
  • Identified current pain points and needs on which we built a new idea and the product's value proposition
  • Formulated the product development strategy, prioritized the feature list for MVP, calculated market volume, and the product's P&L
  • Assisted the client in presenting the new product to the Board and securing investments
  • Transitioned to the development stage and launched the product into the market

Project Figures

  • 34 in-depth interviews with representatives of three target audience groups
  • 1000+ participants in a quantitative study
  • 150+ ideas for a new product
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