JV with a large bank to launch a new fintech company


A fintech startup in partnership with MasterCard
and a large bank. Luna aspiring to become a true Financial Partner
to the Client providing lifestyle services and financial planning
for affluent clients across their life horizons.


Provided technological and product expertise in defining the product idea
and development of the mobile banking service of a new generation.


red_mad_robot had a share in JV and was responsible
for all layers of IT and digital coverage:

  • Digital production processes
  • Product management
  • Architecture design
  • Working with the data layer
  • IT-infrastructure
  • Technological stack & IT-security
  • Set up and development of product & tech teams


  • 6 months of concept development
  • 5+ mobile channel transformation projects
  • 1000+ participants took part in the research for 9 months
  • 20+ deployed product metrics for each business product and service

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