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Test Case Management Tool: how to make a choice you won’t regret

The development of any complex program entails a lot of project documentation. The structure of this is broadly the same from one project to the next: functional and nonfunctional requirements including SDS and PRD documents, architecture-related documentation, even the source code with comments and descriptions, QA documentation, project plans and reports, and so on.

Ivan S., B2B-Center: Interview

Ivan S., B2B-Center, Mobile Application Manager:
«Their design expertise is phenomenal, and it was one of the main reasons we chose them. They’re reliable. If they say they’ll do something in a given time frame, they always do it.»

Alex K., Open Bank: Interview

Alex K., Open Bank, Director of Marketing, Digital and Customer Service:
«They’re great to  work with. Every interaction is just great, from the account management team [and] the developers to  the management. As professionals [and] as individuals, these people are just pleasant to  work with.»

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