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Alexander T., Tele2: Interview

Alexander T., Tele2, Product Manager:
«They not only follow the instructions and make what was written, but they work on their own, we are proud of their work.»

Denis P., Alpina Digital: Interview

Denis P., Alpina Digital, Deputy CEO, Digital & Print Publishing:
«Our expectations were met very nicely; the design was superb and the programming was also done perfectly that resulted in very high conversions in our sales.»

Alexander P., Beeline: Interview

Alexander P., Beeline, Chief Digital Officer:
«Aside from development work, they're also helping us improve our internal resources. In other words, they're not only doing their job, but are also helping us do our jobs better. This makes Redmadrobot not only a developer, but also a real partner for us.»

Kate T., OnPoint Mobile: Interview

Kate T., Executive at OnPoint Mobile
«I think the way they helped us analyze our goals was very effective. They really helped us understand what we were trying to do. They even helped us understand things we didn’t even know we needed.»

Ivan S., B2B-Center: Interview

Ivan S., B2B-Center, Mobile Application Manager:
«Their design expertise is phenomenal, and it was one of the main reasons we chose them. They’re reliable. If they say they’ll do something in a given time frame, they always do it.»

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